Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Continuation ....

Me again!  Been to work today - yuk!  Would you believe I had almost 200 emails to get through!  Why go on holiday - its not worth it when you get back to work!  Don't really mean that!

Right where was I?  Oh yes - we went to Cape Schank which is about 2 hours from Melbourne.  Chris' mother-in-law Judy lives there in the most stupendous house ever - it is on the first tee of the golf course!   We went down for the weekend staying in the family beach house in PortSea.  We went to a bar-b-q at Judy's and showed Kate round the house.  We were made so welcome as always. 

This is the kitchen behind the sofa.

This is where we'll have the barbie and through the window you can see a bit of the view.

And this is the stand-alone fireplacce and behind that is the view out to the sea!

Now here is the master bed-room which is to the left of this picture.

which has these views:

this is the first tee of the golf course and this one

is out to the sea!  Can you imagine waking up to those views every morning?

The rest of the house is down stairs and has another three large bedrooms, another lounge and work room. 

Judy's husband Bing has a electric golf caddy and the treat for any children visiting them is for Bing to take them chasing rabbits in the golf caddy!  Chloe had to hang on the back and the two younger girls went inside with Bing - here's a couple of pictures

Here's Chloe hanging on the back and here are the others inside

waving goodbye and this is them trundling down the road.  How cute is that?

The last picture is a sad one.  This shows Chris and Adam making a fuss of Judy and Bing's dog Jacko.  He was such a lovely friendly dog.  Two days after this picture was taken, whilst they were out, Jacko fell down the stairs and broke his hip.  The vet advised he  put Jacko down.  You can imagine Judy and Bing were absolutely devastated.

I've bored you enough today!!  There'll be another episode later.  Probably not tomorrow as I'm going to Anita's class at Jillybeans - can't wait!

Byeeee xxx


Linda said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time Liz, but glad you are home :)

See you on Saturday.

liz said...

Thank you Linda, I did, but am glad to be back. Yes looking forward to Saturday too. x

Scrappy~Sarah said...

wow stunning home and stunning views :)

liz said...

Thanks Sarah glad you agree. x