Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bluebell walk part 2

Just a bit extra on my walk.  At the beginning, once you've paid to go in (its only £4 and you can stay as long as you like)  there is a refreshment place with little stalls inside.  There's a plant stall, homemade jams and chutney - all for the local charity together with a used book section which has lots of books to browse round and buy. 

Next door is a barn which has two little piglets, some sheep, lambs and baby chicks under a heat lamp.  I took some pictures but some have not come out so well.

These piglets were very camera shy hence not such a good picture.

Doesn't she look proud?  So she should, look at her little baby:

Not quite new born, but still cute.

Here's the little chicks under their heat lamp.

Aaah bless!  Roast dinner indeed!

I'm off but I will be back! xx


Linda said...

Ooohhh, how sweet, definitely want to visit now. Tea-room will sway Robert :)
Did they say how long til the bluebells? X

Lynn said...

Looks lovely Liz, def worth a visit.

liz said...

No they don't say. Probably worth keeping an eye on web site. I would have thought definitely not for a couple of weeks though. x