Saturday, 24 April 2010

No surprise ....!

Good afternoon all!
Isn't it a beautiful day again?  How lucky we are and the spring flowers are looking absolutely beautiful.

Well some of you may have heard that Jayne Nesterenko has introduced some more stamps - no surprise then that they seem to have fallen into an envelope and arrived at my house!!  It would be rude to send them back now, wouldn't it?  They are called Patchwork Polly and I think they're gorgeous.  I've made a couple of cards using them - see what you think.

This one is 'Olivia' and doesn't she look cute with her little teddy?

This one is also of 'Olivia' but with the background stamps and a different colour.

This last one is of 'Patchwork Polly' herself sitting on the branch talking to her little patchwork bird and the patchwork butterfly flying about. 

There are six separate friends and they all have different background panels and friends.  

I'm really quite pleased with them.  

So back to have a play. xx 


Lynn said...

These look good fun. Lovely cards again.

liz said...

Thanks Lynn - I think so. x