Monday, 19 April 2010

Bluebell Walk

Yesterday I decided to go the Bluebell Walk at Arlington.  Bluebells are one of my all time favourites and those at Arlington are quite breathtaking.  I knew from the website the bluebells weren't out yet because of the cold winter, but its a lovely place anyway and such a lovely day.  So here are a few pictures:

You can see what a beautfiul day it was and I got there quite early so there weren't many people.  I have never seen so many wood anemones all at once - its almost like a carpet of snow.  On closer inspection they are just like little stars, fallen fron the sky.

Getting quite poetic, sorry about that.  Any way last one, I promise:

Well actually I lied!!  Just one more - will you look at the reflections in the lake - how beautful is that?
and it wouldn't be the bluebell wood if there wasn't some bluebells:


I swear the only bluebell in the whole wood!! 

And finally the farmhouse at the beginning, which is charming in its own right:

So much for my trip out.  I then came home and made some cards.  Which I'll show in another blog.
See you all later!  xx


Karen said...

Bluebells or not, that looks like a lovely walk Liz. So pretty.

liz said...

Thanks Karen, it certainly was. x

Linda said...

Looks lovely Liz, where is it? I too love bluebells and would love to visit when they're blooming :)

liz said...

Thanks Linda. If you google bluebell walk, east sussex it will come up. Coming on A22 from Boship Roundabout towards Eastbourne it is on your right, but it is signed. If you are coming from Eastbourne before Boship roundabout its on your left. Its open 10-5, but not open on a Monday. The website will tell you when the bluebells are showing. x