Sunday, 14 February 2016

Picnic Basket


From the Crafters Companion Ulti-Boxes DVD I found the picnic basket instructions below.  Cute isn't it?

Using A3 double sided Christmas Crafters' Companion Centura card I decided to make it to see how easy it was and also what it would look like.

The picnic basket opens on both sides and there is ample room inside for putting home-made sweets, jams, chutneys etc. in small jars.

It was surprisingly easy to make as Sara Davies' instructions and video are excellent and she takes you through every single step.  The DVD provides both a video and written instructions which can be printed out and used as reference.

It is also quite sturdy although if I was planning to put jars or heavy objects inside I would use either stronger card or even double card. 


Anita said...

That is SOOOOOO cute Liz! xxx

liz said...

Thank you Anita. It was so much fun to make xxx