Thursday, 25 February 2016

Some more numbers cards


You may remember over previous blogs I have mentioned 'age' cards I've made for children to sell.  There were  some numbers I hadn't shown you so here they are:

Again I have used the Jayne Nestorenko Cute Companions Patchwork Numbers stamps for the main number and then decorated each card with the Cute Companion little characters.

I have tended to use 6 x 6 cards and then put a large border and matted the number onto relevant papers in my stash.

I have then decorated each card using small detailed stamps from the Cute Companions characters and positioned them to fit.

The stamps were coloured using my watercolour pencils which I love and feel much more confident using them compared with the alcohol pens.

As you can see although the principle is exactly the same, the cards do look very different having used various colours and characters.

I only used numbers from '1' to '10' but found the most popular cards were from '1' to '7'!  Obviously the older cards were a bit too childish!

I started using different stamps to go with the numbers, for example 'today', 'someone special' or just the number to give a bit of variety as well.

I hope you like the ideas and results.

Thank you for looking.

Liz x

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