Saturday, 4 June 2016

Part 2


I really must get myself sorted!  I usually manage to prepare several blog entries at once so I'm ahead of myself.  For some reason I can't catch up!  I'm determined to knuckle down and sort out some more.

OK.  Re-reading my last blog I realised I didn't identify the name of the actual place we stayed.  It was called Thorpe Forest holidays near the River Thet and had only been opened in May 2014.  Their link is if you're interested. 

This was a bald eagle (I think).  Unfortunately we just missed the demonstration and only came upon them as they'd finished!  Story of my life!  Anyway he was so magnificent I couldn't resist taking a quick picture.

The last picture (you'll be pleased to know!) is of my daughter with the girls.  Behind them is the model of a dinosaur which every so often, starts moving his head and let's out this enormous roar!  You can imagine how he made everyone jump the first time they walked past!  Once they all realised he wasn't coming to get them, everyone wanted to have selfies with him.

Right, having bored you enough I'm going now!  I promise that'll be enough of my doings and back to my makes etc.

Thank you for looking.

Liz x

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