Tuesday, 3 November 2015



Today I thought I'd show you some pictures of my cat called Millie.  She is about 15 years old.  I got her from a cat rescue home when she was two when my children decided I needed something to look after as a real baptism of fire.   they had all left home!!  No peace  for the wicked.  As I was in full-time work at the time it really wasn't practical for me to have a dog (which I preferred) they decided I should have a cat.

As all my friends know I am not a great cat lover, never having had a cat before so it was a real baptism of fire for both of us!  Anyway we muddled along.  During her time with me she has managed to lose an eye (very careless and nothing to do with me!).  The vet thinks it was either a fox or another cat.  Millie seems to have coped very well though with only one eye.

Anyway this is just a bit of background on her.  As you can see she is a bit of a dipsy cat, like all cats very nosey.  I just loved this one though.  This used to be a water feature in my garden but it started to leak so I took out the water and it was left as a garden feature. 

I looked out of my craft room one day and this is what I saw.  Whether she thought the birds wouldn't see her I don't know but she sat in there for a good ten minutes before hopping out!  I must say, much as I dislike having to, she can be quite cute sometimes!!

More of Millie's adventures later on!!

Thank you for looking.

Liz x

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