Friday, 17 June 2016

Arty Farty guitar card


I have been asked by my friend to make a special birthday card for her partner, who is celebrating his 70th birthday next month.  He plays the guitar and loves busking.  He does a lot of travelling, busking for charity.  We decided I should look out for a guitar card.

Not long after we had been talking Arty Farty came on the television with this guitar template!  So I sent off for it.  I have used her templates before and she explains things very simply with both written and picture instructions.  (Just what I need!)

The pack comes with templates for two guitars, small and large together with a presentation box and also a guitar stand.  So to start with I decided to make the small guitar first.  You choose the colours of the card you want to use.  All you need is card, peel offs and brads.  Everything is so well explained and I was able to follow very easily.  

The detail is quite incredible.  The 'bits' at the top of the guitar which adjust the tension of the strings (you can tell I know very little about guitars nor technically minded!) are made using brads.

The frets are peel offs and I have threaded silver thread to make up the strings.

The template for the box has a little handle just like a real carrying case.

I attached the guitar to some matching card, matted onto gold card and added some gold peel offs to make it into an actual card.  The case fits the card perfectly.

Apparently the large guitar doesn't fit into the box.  That is what the stand is for.  I'm going to  try and make the larger one with an acetate stand and if it comes out OK I'll show you.  I need to make a few examples of different cards so my friend can choose.  What she doesn't want, I can always use!

Thank you for looking.

Liz x

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