Sunday, 27 September 2015

Christmas Crackers


These are some Christmas crackers I made at my sewing class.  Sharon from Whoopsiedaisy Designs gave us the patterns and they are very clever.  One assumes they are made using cardboard rolls but these do not.  One piece of the cracker fits inside the other one meaning you can put little toys, sweets, jewellery or anything small.  

I made six of them for my grandchildren for Christmas and popped little bits and pieces in there.  I thought they were a novel way of giving little presents.

This one is much bigger.  I would say its nearly three times the size of the smaller ones.  This one would be suitable to put on the table on Christmas Day as a centre piece.  This one uses much more fabric (obviously) and was a bit trickier to make.  Still it was worth the effort.

If you would like the pattern you need to contact Sharon on Facebook - look up Whoopsiedaisydesigns.

Thank you for looking.

Liz x

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