Wednesday, 16 September 2015



Today I'm going to show you some more sewing.  I joined a weekly sewing group with my friend Jill.  Sharon Gammon runs sessions all week, morning and afternoons and sometimes weekends too and it is called Whoopsiedaisyhandmade.  She has a Facebook page and I recommend you have a look at it.  It shows you how talented Sharon is and also gives many examples of items we all have made.

Sharon provides the patterns and and tuition and we bring along the material of our choice. 

The first two pictures show a little lined makeup bag with zipper closing.  I dreaded the thought of putting in a zipper as the last time I put in a zip, not very successfully!, was as a teenager - many years ago.  Sharon, however, showed me how to put in a zip and it was so much easier than I remembered.  She made it much simpler and had plenty of time to show me exactly what to do.

This is a Christmas table runner using Sharon's pattern.  The material I bought from Dunhelm Mill in their Christmas sale.  I have never made a table runner before nor had I done any patchwork so I was very pleased with it.  Sharon provided the pattern, explained it and showed me what to do.  

Thank you for looking

Liz x

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