Monday, 14 September 2015

More sewing


I back again to show some more of my sewing bits and pieces.  This time I'm showing my very first bag I made and a sewing machine cover.

This is my very first bag I ever made!!  I used ready cut 6" squares of cotton that I had bought when I was in Australia - I just loved the colour combination.  The pattern was a freebie I found on the internet and the lining was made with an old sheet!  I didn't know anything about stiffening or wadding, so this bag has none, but I did quilt it diagonally.  However I think I should have quilted it to include the lining.  The lining is loose and is not ideal.  Anyway I use it to carry my sewing machine about and for a first effort I still think its quite impressive (for me)!!

This is my sewing machine cover.  Again I used a free pattern from the internet and I don't know what I did wrong, but it has come up rather short.  Still it serves a purpose.  When I started making this cover I didn't think it through properly.  There is no actual handle to carry the machine around, it has an inlet at the top to put your hand in to carry it about, so its not ideal.  The material was some fat quarters I had in my stash but I'm afraid I can't remember where I got them from or who made them.  I just loved them and thought they were rather appropriate.

I hope you enjoyed looking.

Liz x

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