Saturday, 12 September 2015

Some of my sewing

Over this past year i have become interested in sewing.  Before I started sewing my interest was in quilts and quilting and I thought that was what I would do.  However after a very short time I realised I didn't have the patience to make quilts, I needed things to make fairly quickly!

So here are one or two things I have made.

This was a sewing trug I made for my daughter's birthday.  It was made using the templates from Brenda Walker, entitled Country Folk - The Quilter's Trug & Accessories.  It included a needle holder in the shape of a flower, which folded up into a heart, a flower shaped pin cushion, a heart shaped scissor fob and a petal shaped scissor holder. 

It was not the most easiest thing to do, the trug especially being fiddly but I was pleased with the end result and I think my daughter was too. 

The idea was for me to give my daughter some sewing bits and bobs as she was always asking me to mend something, so I added some needles, threads and pins all in a pretty basket.  Unfortunately it hasn't worked!!  She still asks me to mend holes in my grandchildren's clothes!!

I have also made another one including similar accessories, with the same idea for my daughter-in-law, in red and white but I didn't take any pictures.  Needless to say, it has had the same effect as with my daughter; I'm still mending clothes!!

Thank you for looking.  I hope you like the sewing trug.

Liz x

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